I’m passionate about helping others, both professionally and personally.

There are not many more exciting things than seeing someone succeed in reaching their goals.  Knowing you have been instrumental in that success is a special kind of great!

I’m MBA qualified and have been involved in building and growing businesses for 20 years.  My background was primarily in the IT, Health and Training Industries and I have worked with small local businesses, international organisations and global market leaders to achieve success.

A few years ago I almost died.  It’s very cliché but needless to say it was a “life changing experience”.  From that point I decided to approach life differently.  Take control, focus on what’s important, maximize my “86,400”, eliminate negativity, all the usual cliché stuff I suppose.  I spent the rest of that year recovering and creating a formula for success in my personal and business life.

As soon as I was well again I implemented it and transformed my existing business unit into the best performing in the company.  My colleagues began asking for advice, my staff asked for guidance and I quickly realized I was enjoying providing that help more and more.

So much that I left the company the next year and took up a role much more aligned with providing the business advice I enjoyed giving.  I honed my advisory skills and grew that business by 85% in the first year.  I did this through providing help and guidance to over 50 organisations, improving their business processes, freeing up time, increasing their customer service levels and ultimately their bottom line.

I now run my own Business Advisory where I complement my 20 years of business experience with industry leading tools to help business owners maximize their businesses. As long as people need help and guidance that’s what I’ll do.   I simply can’t see myself doing anything else!

My passions outside of business are my beautiful wife and 3 great kids who inspire me daily! (Oh, and I love live music – like really, really love it!)