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I help business owners solve their $20,000 problems!

You: Wait, what does that even mean….?

Well, when I chat to business owners I hear things like:

  • I’m being pulled in all directions and I can feel myself burning out.
  • I’m working way too hard, it’s taking longer than I expected and I’ve just got no spare time. 
  • I’m not making enough money, some week’s we are scrambling for cash, and it’s getting out of control
  • I can’t find great staff, it feels like no one shares my vision and it’s stressing me out.

And yet they all feel like they’ve got a good business but they just don’t know how to take it to that next level. They are not alone, I hear this all the time, these things are $20k problems because…. there is money to be made in fixing them!

And that’s what I do, I help business owners solve $20k problems!

You: OK got it! But what’s your story champ ….

Well strap in, here it is in 70sec!

I’m MBA qualified and have been involved in building and growing businesses for 20 years.  My background is in IT, Health and Training and I have worked with small local businesses, international organisations and global market leaders.

A few years back I almost died.  It’s very cliché but it was a “life changing experience”.  From that point I decided to approach life differently.  Take control, focus on what’s important, maximize my “86,400”, eliminate negativity, all the usual cliché stuff I guess.  I spent the rest of that year recovering and creating my own formula for success in my personal and business life.

As soon as I was well again I implemented it and transformed my existing business unit into the best performing in the company.  My colleagues began asking for advice, my staff for more guidance and I quickly realized I was enjoying providing that help more and more.

So much that I left the company the next year and took up a consulting role, solutions focussed and more aligned with providing the business advice I enjoyed giving.  I honed my advisory skills, grew that business by 85% in the first year and set a global company record the next.  Boom! Proof of concept!  My simple focus on that 50+ owner, $2m journey was to improve processes, free up time, increase customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line.

I then started my own boutique business advisory where I combined those decades of experience with industry leading tools and cutting edge practices to help business owners build their Ideal Business.  Since that time we have helped 100’s of local businesses directly and continue to support our 1000’s of local connections weekly.

Look, business ownership remains the No 1 wealth generator but 2/3 of business fail.  Something needs to be done! My vision is to reverse that decades old metric, one $20,000 problem at a time!

My passions outside of business are my beautiful wife and 3 great kids who inspire me daily.

(Oh, and I love live music – like really, really love it!)

You: Ok enough about you….what about me? How can you help my business…..?

Check out this page….and start with my free “secret recipe” 😊